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Commissions Open

Hi thanks for checking out my commissions. They are always opened so long as you don't mind waiting. To get a commission and see the rules check out the link below.

To get a commission cheaper than the prices above scroll down for more info


Artistree plants a tree with every commission sale. Details. 

Waiting on a Commission? Check the status and queue here.


- Fecal Matter and Urine
- Lolicon or Shotacon
- Guru or Gorey scenes
- Bestiality
- Complex armor (Overwatch, Mass Effect etc.)

All forms of payment are accepted! 
If your preferred method is not available, contact me, and we can work something out. 

- I will draw 1 illustration in exchange for 1 item of any value my wishlist (see link below)


- Payment not needed in advanced I will send a sketch for a approval first
- 1 commission per person at a time
- I  take my time with commissions with no pressure. It can take up 12 weeks
- Each edit may add up to 1 week of extra time.

Commission Discounts

Support me monthly
You can get a simple commission for free every 3 months by supporting me monthly for $20 a month. Some restrictions apply.



Wishlist Item. (Cheaper + Top Priority)

This is cheaper than regular commission price. (Not available for comic pages) 

Step 1: Add any 1 item to your cart and pay just like you would any online shop. (You can buy stuff anonymously)

Step 2: Fill out the commission form
on Artistree and check the box that says "Wishlist Commission" and you're good!


Commission Agreement

You will need to agree to these terms and rules before work on the commission is started.


1. I am 18 years or older if commission has adult content.  

2.  All characters depicted in an adult manner are 18 years or older.

3. I acknowledge commissions may take 3 - 10 weeks to finish from the time Saint starts the sketch. Comic commissions can even longer for Saint to finish depending on the pages. 

4.  I agree payment must be paid in full before Saint can finish the commission. 

5. I agree to no refunds once payment has been made.

6. I agree Saint can post on her public gallery when finished. 

7. I agree failure to read rules or break agreement may result in being blacklisted from future commissions.

8.  No extra charges for edits, but I will only do a max of 2 revisions per illustration and per comic page. A revision is each time I need to resend the final picture for approval. If this amount is exceeded Saint will not commit to doing more edits. 


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